Would you like to support a future pastor in his education? (3/1/12)

A number of you have asked us to let us know when you might be able to help with a specific need, or to help a specific person.

This might be one of those times for you.  We are starting Term 2 of the academic year at Moffat this week, and one of my first-year students has been sent home due to not having the required school fees.

Economic times are extremely difficult here in Kenya, with an unemployment rate around 40% (see here), and the cost of food and petrol sky high.  To put it into perspective, the inflation rate here was reported in October 2011 as around 20%.  The inflation rate in the USA is around -0.4%.  When you’re earning an average of around $2 USD per day, that’s a lot less maize, fruit, and vegetables you are able to buy when the cost of living goes up.

It’s also a lot less school fees you can afford when the option is food or fees, and I was told yesterday that roughly 20% of our students are in danger of not being able to continue their education due to lack of school fees.

This student has a calling on his life to be a pastor.  He would like to stay at Moffat for the next 3-4 years, completing his Diploma so that he can be ordained as a pastor.

He was my top student, tied for the highest overall score out of 19 students in the Spiritual Formation class I taught this last term.  I was proud of his efforts.

He is short about 54,000 Kenya Shillings, or around 650USD for this Term’s tuition.  He has 5 days to come up with the $ or he will have to put his education on hold.

If you are interested in supporting this student, please drop me an email, and I’ll provide you with further information.


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  1. I am… Although I don’t have you email… 🙂

  2. I replied to you via our email account, Ethel…did you get it?

  3. Hi Mardi and Andy

    Karl and I would love to help out in some way. Please let me know how it is best for us to do that. I am not sure quite sure yet how much we could contribute as we at budgeting for Karl’s bible college this year but would let you know in the next two days.

    Meredith Forsyth

  4. Thanks so much Meredith – will email you so you have our direct contact info. Love to you guys!

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