Prayer Log: October

Do you pray? Or just interested in what’s on our minds? Here’s the top things on our minds for the next month.  Thank you for praying for us, and/or just being concerned with what is important to us…

Looking back…

We are grateful:

1.  That so many of our friends and co-workers were spared from the the terror attacks at Westgate Mall.
2.  For the grace and rest of the Lord in the midst of a challenging workload and scarce resources
3.  That the school year has started for Riley (1) and Liam (K) at Rift Valley Academy
4.  For generous and unexpected donations to the Hospital allowing replacement of old ICU ventilators

Looking ahead….

Please pray for:
1.  Us and our co-workers at Kijabe Hospital as we grieve and process our own post-trauma responses to the horror of the Westgate attacks.
2.  Mardi, as she leads the physicians and medical trainees as Medical Director
3.  The successful commencement of the Kijabe Water Project, as we select contractors for our new water tank
4.  Andy, in his work as SIM Team Leader in Kijabe, and as he provides leadership and counsel to folks in the aftermath of the Westgate attacks.



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