Prayer Log: May 2014

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement…we rely on them.  Here’s the top things on our minds for the next month, and some feedback from answered prayers from our last month. Thank you for praying for us, and/or just being concerned with what is important to us!

Looking back…

We are grateful:

1.  For a hugely encouraging visit by a team from the Beaches Vineyard Church.
2.  For a refreshing time at SIM Kenya’s annual  Spiritual Life Conference.
3.  For the successful completion of a pilot spiritual formation group for consultant/attending physicians.
4.  That construction on the Hospital’s new 600m3 (160,000 gallon) water tank is 25% complete.

Looking ahead….

Please pray for:

1.  Clarity for Andy as he decides amongst which ministry/work opportunities he will focus on in the coming year.
2.  Mardi, as she encourages and mentors her medical staff.
3.  Riley, that her body would respond promptly to the growth hormone and she would begin to grow in height and weight.
4.  Our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health as we work, live, play, and rest in this incredible place at this important time.




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