Of surgery, sanitation, and quilts (20/6/14)

About a year ago, I met Eva while visiting Pastor Paul’s new Vineyard church plant in nearby Kinale.  She had a debilitating thyroid condition requiring medication that she and her family couldn’t afford, and so we prayed with her.  Her physical issues weren’t the only presenting symptoms, and we also prayed for healing for some emotional and spiritual wounds she had suffered in recent years.

Part of our work, and the work of Kijabe Hospital is to care for people like Eva who have physical issues like this, and so we made sure she was seen at Kijabe Hospital and put on the right medications until tests could be run to see if she was a candidate for thyroid surgery.  Turns out she is, but the cost of the surgery (the equivalent of $400USD) was much more than her community could afford.

So we approached Watsi, one of the organisations that the Hospital partners with in order to fund surgeries like this one for the poor, and they agreed to help pay for her surgery¹.

Eva came into the Hospital today for final testing and admission for surgery, with her mother.  Don’t they look happy?

Eva and her mother during admission this morni

Eva and her mother during admission this morning

Will you join us in praying for Eva’s total healing through surgery?

Yesterday, I was at a meeting at one of our medical clinics in Naivasha, and I received a panicked call from the Hospital–turns out the government environmental regulatory authority had just appeared on a surprise visit, and were not amused that we had not yet completed our sanitation project and were continuing to dump not-fully-treated sewage into the environment.

I raced back to the Hospital (a normally 60 minute drive that took 30, thanks to my intrepid and slightly crazy driver) to calm their dissatisfaction, and show them the progress we are making–we’ve just finished removing all the trees so we can build the waste stabilisation ponds, and have started the process of finding a suitable contractor to build the Phase 2 works.  Two hours and some rather energetic hiking up and down the mountain later, they appeared satisfied that we actually plan to finish the sanitation project.  Whew.  This is the regulator that issued the Hospital with a shut-down notice 18 months ago for not having a compliant sanitation system, and they have been gracious enough to give us time to build the new system.  We hope to have the second half of the project completed by year’s end.  Hope to.

We continue to be astonished and deeply grateful for the colorful and beautiful quilts that are continuing to arrive in Kijabe from all over the world…there are over sixty here already!  Supplied by quilters from all over the world, the Lala Salama 100 Quilts Project will provide a special quilt for every child’s bed in the new Bethany Kids Pediatric Wing at the Hospital when it is opened in early 2015. We have met our target of 100 quilts already, and are hoping now to have a spare for each bed when the other is being washed!

A photo collage of the over sixty quilts that have arrived already for the Lala Salama 100 Quilts Project

A photo collage of the over sixty quilts that have arrived already for the Lala Salama 100 Quilts Project


¹If you want to help actual people who need life-changing surgeries at Kijabe Hospital, Watsi is a great organisation to donate through–they are reliable and direct.

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