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This gorgeous boy is Lekishon.  A little 3 year old bundle of dimples who came in with a pneumonia that quickly progressed to a confusing paralysis.  After 2 weeks in the ICU, he is starting again to move his feet, his eyelids and apparently his mouth enough for a little smirk.



This sleepy princess is Precious – in name and in nature.  At 8am on Monday she was brought in by her mother gasping and convulsing, to the only hospital in the 500km between Nairobi and Eldoret that has the ability to put her on a ventilator in an ICU (and probably the only hospital in Kenya in which the most senior pediatrician would arrive to help the baby within 5 minutes of being called).  I have no doubt that had she not come here, she would have died.  We didn’t have an available ICU bed or a ventilator – so Jennifer sat in the emergency department for hours with a hand-operating breathing bag until we could move people around enough to make room for her.   She is slowly recovering from what is likely to have been an extremely bad virus – yesterday, she started to open her eyes for the first time.



This is Liberty.  She was born prematurely 3 weeks ago at 1100grams to an HIV positive mum.  She has a long way to go from today’s 1150 grams, but in the last 2 years none – not one – of our babies from HIV infected mums have become HIV positive.  She looks like she’s crossing a marathon finish line in this picture, and I am betting she will.

I was able to take these pictures on Friday because this month I have started doing one less day a week medical directing so that I can do one day a week of pediatrics again.  In the last year I have really missed the joy and pain and wins and losses and laughter and tears of the one-on-one patient care.  I am so grateful to be able to participate in the care of these pint-sized tangible examples of what God is doing here through you.

– M.

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  1. God is good! And he is using good and godly people like yourselves. God bless and love tp you all.

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