Small things (9/4/11)

A few months ago, my diagnostic medical kit consisted of a stethoscope and a tendon hammer.

Also a few months ago, unbeknownst to me, one of the nurses at work started a campaign – in the lunch room in the Emergency Department, where people often share baked goods, fruit from their gardens, she decided to raise money to help us.   So on the table, she put a sign requiring people to make a donation in order to share of the bounty of others.  And she, and many others, brought in biscuits, cakes, home-grown produce, and started collecting small amounts to collect for Kijabe.

Today I have just packed my diagnostic medical kit for Kijabe.  But now it also contains a blood sugar monitor, a pulse oximeter for checking children’s oxygen levels, an otoscope and ophthalmoscope, 3 more stethoscopes and a large supply of batteries, as well as some money that I am able to put into a needy patients’ fund that the hospital has for children who need medical care over and above our capabilities who cannot afford it.

The nurses in their tea breaks raised over $700 to put towards needy kids in Kenya.

I am so grateful for these people, and for the incredible men and women who have supported us with single donations or who have committed to supporting us on a regular basis.  People giving what they can – and every little bit helps.  We still haven’t raised all the money we need for ongoing monthly support, but we keep getting incrementally closer, and we feel so blessed.


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