There are myriad ways to partner with us in what we’re doing.


We work in Kenya on a volunteer basis – neither of us receive a salary or reimbursement from the hospital.  Our living here (groceries, rent, medical care, school fees, fuel…) is completely funded by partner churches, friends, and family donating through SIM – people like you.

If you would like to join us by being a part of our financial partnership team, there are several options:

In Australia:
Visit SIM Australia’s website to set up a recurring or one-time donation.  You can also send a cheque to SIM Australia, PO Box 42, Penshurst NSW 2222 – make sure to designate it to Steere, SIM Number 35701.

In the US or other countries:
Go to the website at SIM USA – complete “Steere” and number “35701”, and then follow prompts to give a one time or recurring donation.  You can also send a check directly to SIM USA, P.O. Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241 – make sure to designate it to Steere, SIM Number 35701.


Kijabe Hospital is a not-for-profit, church-owned hospital.  Operating expenses are only partially covered by low patient fees – the remainder comes from volunteer services provided by expatriate missionary doctors, donations and fundraising.  In order to serve the poor, fees are kept as low as possible through careful management of resources.

Some of the children we see come from families who can afford to pay the relatively low hospital bills, others come from supportive communities who band together and raise the money, and a few have a form of medical insurance.  But there are many others who can’t afford to pay even a little.

If you would like to contribute to the Needy Children’s Fund, please click here to give via Giving Tools  – all you need is a credit card and your donation will go directly to this fund, which ensures that we never, ever turn away a sick kid who needs care.


The Elimu Housing Project will help us move our training programs to the next level, allowing us to equip surgeons, orthopedists, pediatric intensivists and more from across East Africa – click here to find out more.


We are grateful for and continue to need the support and encouragement of friends and family. As we work and live half a world away from you, we are as dependent on you for friendship and encouragement as we were when we were only a couple of blocks away.

While we are in Kenya, we are endeavouring to regularly update this website and our Facebook “Steeres in Kenya” page. Like us to keep up with what we’re doing in your newsfeed.

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Please also keep us updated as to how you are doing – you can email us or send regular mail* to:

Andrew and Mardi Steere
c/o AIC Kijabe Hospital
PO Box 20
Kijabe 00220

* If you want to send us anything bigger than an envelope, please click here for some tips to make sure it gets to us!


We are regularly updating specific prayer points on our prayer log, so check back regularly.  If praying isn’t your thing, simply thinking about us and dropping us a line every now and then to let us know you have us on your mind would be wonderful.

You can view a brochure about us here.