Prayer log: December

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts…we rely on them.  Here’s the top things on our minds for the next month, and some feedback from answered prayers from our last month. Thank you for praying for us, and/or just being concerned with what is important to us!

Looking back…

We are grateful:

1. That the mass on Riley’s pituitary gland appears to be a cyst, not a tumor.  That she did so well during her three hour growth hormone/blood test and was a brave little soldier.  For your prayers and encouragement in the last two weeks as we’ve walked through this.
2. For early outcomes from Mardi’s strategic staff planning–several new volunteer and East African physicians who have agreed to come to Kijabe Hospital to fill key needs in 2014:  Ear, nose and throat/maxillofacial surgery, family practice, pediatrics, and internal medicine.  These are major answers to prayer and will have a significant impact on Kijabe Hospital’s ability to provide compassionate care, preventing our overworked doctors burning out from the enormous patient load.
3.  For the phenomenal take-off of the Lala Salama 100 Quilts Project, providing quilts for the beds in our under-construction pediatric wing.
4.  For a deeply fulfilling month for Andy in teaching spiritual formation at Moffat, as he has helped future African church leaders discover the gift of Sabbath, and the need for balance between contemplation and activity in a life of fruitful longevity.
5.  For our children, who keep us grounded and laughing as they grow and enjoy life here in Kijabe.

Looking ahead….

Please pray for:

1.  Riley, as we await the results of her growth hormone test, that they would come back normal.
2. Andy, as he develops a proposal for Moffat Bible College to redesign its first and second year student curriculum, with a new track called ‘Spiritual Formation and Missional Leadership’.
3. Mardi, for balance between activity and contemplation in her own life as Medical Director, mum, wife, and human being.
4. Mardi’s department heads, as they find balance in the difficult tension between a never-ending clinical load and showing and experiencing the love of the risen Christ to their patients.
5.  Andy’s Kiswahili language learning, for discipline in his studies and fruit from his labors.
6.  The whole family, as we live and work in a demanding environment–for protection, joy, peace, and a continued ability to thrive in this life with Jesus for the sake of others.




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