September prayer: of engines, matatus and rats

We returned to Kijabe yesterday around lunchtime and it is great to be home.

The last 24 hours has been joy-ful and humorous:  being welcomed back by our community, walking around the hospital and seeing how far the projects have progressed (we have a working CT scanner!), a whirlwind of unpacking and the first day of school, and being greeted by one of our Hospital staff:   “Andy, welcome back.   You are looking a bit stout”.  Apparently, I was well fed in the States.

In the midst of the joy of returning, we also need your prayers:  upon returning we discovered our car engine unexpectedly needs to be rebuilt, we were sideswiped by a matatu (Kenyan minibus) on the highway coming here (gratefully, minimal damage to the car), and our house was apparently infested by rats while we were away.

The latter two will sort themselves out and are par for the course for life here–we’re not too fussed.  Operation Rat Death is well underway.

Our car engine, however, is a concern.  Having a working four-wheel drive is an essential tool in rural Kenya, where roads get washed away by heavy rains and potholes are large enough to break axles.

While we were visiting the States, we had our mechanic troubleshoot some issues we were having with faltering power and car having problems starting.  To make a long story short, he confirmed the engine is in need of a rebuild to find and fix the cause of a coolant-oil system leak.

The good news is we have a good mechanic and we trust him.  The bad news is that it means being without a vehicle for 6-8 weeks.  Not to mention the cost, which we’re not really thinking about yet.

Please will you pray with us:

  • That the mechanic would be able to rebuild the engine in a timely manner, and do so well.
  • That a rebuild would be possible, not requiring the replacement of the entire engine with a different one
  • That we would find a car to drive while it’s being fixed
Rats, you have my permission to DIE!

Rats, you have my permission to DIE!

Thank you for your prayers. In my devotions this morning, I realised that my first instinct upon hearing the news of the impending rebuild was to pray, and not to immediately start project managing the issue…this may possibly be the first time this has happened in my life.  Perhaps it is the fruit of the last five years:  I have seen the Lord provide too many times to be overly worried.

We are, however, sobered by the reality that this is in fact a big, hairy, deal in time, cost, and inconvenience, and so we need your prayers.

Thanks for praying.  Here are a few things we’re grateful for, and some additional regular monthly prayer requests:

Looking back…

We are grateful:

  1. For a restful and rejuvenating 9 weeks in the States.
  2. For the generosity and kindness of old and new friends and family.
  3. For the warm and enthusiastic welcome back we received in Kijabe.
  4. For the successful installation and commissioning of our new CT scanner, which is already doing 6-8 scans per day!

Looking ahead….

Please pray for:

  1. The car issues mentioned above.
  2. Riley and Liam, as they settle into new grades at school, adjusting to the constant flux of missionary kids coming and going.
  3. The numerous projects underway:  The pediatrics wing, the sanitation project (in final stages of commissioning), the startup of the medical gases project, the startup of the Elimu housing project
  4. Mardi, as she steps back into work as Medical Director and a hundred issues awaiting her attention.



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