Prayer log: January

Thank you for praying for us, and/or just being concerned with what is important to us.  Here’s a snapshot of a few things we’re grateful for in the previous month, and what we need prayer for in the coming month.

Looking back…

We are grateful:

1.  For a wonderful month of Advent activities with our community here in Kijabe during the month of December.
2.  For a joyful Christmas:  our third in a row here in Kijabe, it was a busy season of work and crisis management as Mardi was full time on pediatrics to give some busy staff a week off, and managing some staff issues.
3.  For generous and thoughtful friends who sent cards and care packages at Christmas:  giving us a feeling of both Australian and American Christmases here in Kenya.
4.  For an excellent week of holidays at the coast at the beginning of December:  pool time, ocean time, and lots of family time.
5.  For a smooth and encouraging transition to a new team leader of the SIM workers in Kijabe, Dr. Bob Carter, as Andy stepped back as planned into a Deputy Team Leader role.

Looking ahead….

Please pray for:

1.  Mardi:  without going into confidential detail, Mardi is involved in managing some recent crises that have popped up here during Christmas.  She needs wisdom and patience as she assists in managing these.
2.  Mardi and Liam, as they return to Australia for two weeks in early Feb for Mardi to do her annual recertification medical work, and Liam to have a most excellent time with the grandparents!
3.  Our four intercultural spiritual formation groups, that there would be connection, commitment, and openness.
4.  Our family, for general protection and good connection and relationship as a family.
5.  For Riley and Liam, as they continue to grow and develop as little humans, and “Third Culture Kids”, who identify a country as “home” (Kenya) that is different from both of their passports and their parents’ “homes”.




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